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1.) No Foul Language... If anyone is caught doing this, They will be sent a warning. If they constantly do this they will get banned.

2.) No Spamming... If anyone Spamming constantly when received a warning by one of The Moderators, They can be banned.

3.) If Anyone Sees Someone Breaking any of the rules, Please Contact a Moderator immediately so we can Review the Problem.

4.) No Coping Riddle Answers or you will be Warned... If you Continue you will be banned.

5.) Please do NOT share any personal information such as age, birthday, pictures of yourself/family, real name, address, phone number, username, password, etc.

6.) Trolling and Personal attacks are not allowed. This community is family-friendly and we will not tolerate members making other members feel discouraged in anyway and we will not allow trolling the site.

7.) Disrespect to Any Official can lead to Disqulification from Contests and A Warning.

8.)Please do not use Post's, PM's, or any other method on this site to ask for gifts, codes, etc. from other members or the Site Staff. You may offer these things to other members if you choose, but asking for gifts is prohibited. Members engaging in this activity may or may not get a warning before their accounts are sanctioned/banned.

9. Staff members must follow all the rules and get no leways from rules. So if you see a staff member breaking one of the rules report it to the site owner, or site admin.


All codes received as prizes on this site can be redeemed at